The Altar Guild members serve the church under the direction of the Rector and are responsible for setting up services and caring for all furnishings required for services. The ministry of the Altar Guild is to make each service as perfect as possible by:

  • Service assistance: Preparing the altar, setting the credence table with bread and wine, being present at services and cleaning up. Provide loving support for all clergy and lay members of the church involved in services. A capacity for quiet and discretion is required. Floral arrangements – Ordering, arranging and disposing of flowers.
  • General care: Laundering and caring for all worship linens and vestments, polishing silver and brass, filling candles and various other tasks;

The 30 members of the Altar Guild are currently divided into two teams which serve during alternate months. Members are expected to assist in three or four regular services in addition to special services such as weddings and funerals and must find a substitute if unable to serve. Two members are normally assigned for each service. Extensive training is provided and experienced members are always happy to answer any questions.

Contact: Hilary Lea 

Altar Guild member assembles Easter Flowers Altar Guild assembles Easter flowers