herefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.
– Romans 15:7


Established as a parish in 1749, Christ Church Greenwich has a rich and long history. Our diocese, The Episcopal Church in Connecticut, is the oldest organized diocese in The Episcopal Church and currently under the leadership of The Right Reverend Ian T. Douglas.

Anglican worship has been a vital part of Greenwich since 1705, when the first Episcopal service took place in a private home. This was just 40 years after the 1665 incorporation of the township of Greenwich. In 1749, when the Horseneck Chapel on the brow of Put’s Hill was completed, the congregation of Christ Church began worshipping there. While this first chapel was destroyed by the great hurricane of 1821, it was later rebuilt in 1834 across the Post Road on its current site. It was from this point that campus expansion began to take place to accommodate the growing congregation. The addition of a parsonage and later a larger church followed in 1857. This growth led to the eventual erection of the 1910 building which serves as Christ Church Greenwich today.

“Generations of faithful have bequeathed to us a living trust - a sacred legacy - that spans more than 400 years. The Episcopal Church’s presence in America is a precious gift, rich in history and spiritual inspiration. As we embark on our journey to preserve and enhance Christ Church Greenwich for future generations, let us proudly celebrate and honor the bravery and sacrifice, as well as the cunning and dedication of our forbearers from whom we have inherited this beautiful church and campus...”

Our History

  • 1600's

    1620 - Jamestown founded
    1672 - Townspeople establish Horseneck settlement, now central Greenwich
  • 1700's

    1749 - Construction of Horseneck Chapel
    1784 - Samuel Seabury consecrated Bishop
    1792 - Bishop Seabury preaches at Horseneck Chapel
  • 1800's

    1821 - Great gale destroys Horseneck Chapel
    1832 - New church building constructed for $2,208.12
    1833 - Christ Church Greenwich organized as a parish
    1835 - First Vestry established
    1839 - 3 acres for cemetery next to church purchased for $1,200
    1843 - Parsonage constructed
    1857 - New church costing $14,607.26 consecrated
    1874 - Ladies Sewing Society donates $200 to re-roof rectory and $500 to reupholster church pews
    1887 - Sunday School Chapel addition built
    1896 - Tiffany glass window “Come Unto Me” dedicated
  • 1900's

    1910 - New church built at a cost of $213,502
    1911 - Endowment established
    1916 - St. John’s becomes a mission of Christ Church
    1922 - Repairing and restoring portions of church walls
    1929 - Pew rents abolished
    1940 - Greenwich Branch of British War Relief Society meets
    1942 - Greenwich Branch of the American Red Cross meets; Air Raid Wardens meet
    1946 - Organ replaced for $1,532.50; Vestry told that the masonry, windows, gutters, valleys and terra cotta need to be replaced/restored
    1953 - First woman elected to serve on the Vestry
    1961 - Christ Church Nursery School opens
    1963 - Tomes-Higgins House purchased
    1975 - Neighbor to Neighbor established at Christ Church
    1976 - Austin Pipe Organ dedicated
    1981 - First female Warden elected
    1984 - Christ Church Bookstore established
    1997 - New rectory completed
    1999 - Tomes-Higgins House restoration and conversion completed
  • 2000's

    2004 - Good Shepherd window restored
    2004 - The linoleum is removed from the floor in the church and new oak flooring is installed to complete the restoration
    2005- the Gateway School property rights are permanently transferred to Family Centers for $500,000
    2006 - On May 14 all four Episcopal Churches in Greenwich participate in a celebration of 300 years of Anglican worship

    2007 - November, The Rev'd Jeffrey H. Walker retires from Christ Church Greenwich
    2007 - November, The Rev'd Dr. James B. Lemler accepts the position of Priest-in-Charge
    2008 - Christ Church Greenwich, under the direction of Director of Marketing, Susan Marks, launches a new logo and tag line, Nourishment for the Journey
    2008 - September, Jamie Hitel joins Christ Church as Director of Music
    2009 - Partnerships are established with Temple Sholom, Trinity Church and Stanwich Church
    2009 - September, Conversations on Courage & Faith is launched
    2009 - the east and west transept gables in the church are restored; the Parish Hall is air conditioned
    2010 - The Horseneck Foundation is established
    2010 - October, the Sholom Center for Interfaith Learning & Fellowship is established by Rabbi Mitchell Hurvitz and The Rev'd Dr.James B. Lemler
    2010 - June, an HVAC system is installed in the church from funds given by an anonymous donor
    2010 - June, 1910 Buildings celebrate 100th Anniversary
    2010 - June 4, The Rev'd Dr. James B. Lemler is installed as the ninth Rector of Christ Church Greenwich
    2012 - December, Christ Church Greenwich joins Facebook
    2013 - September, Rise Up, Restore, Rejoice! Capital Campaign begins.
    2014 - June, Restoration of the exterior of the sanctuary begins
    2015 - April, Church building closes for interior restoration
    2015 - November, Church sanctuary reopens after restoration
    2017 - September, The Rev'd Dr. James B. Lemler retires as Rector of Christ Church Greenwich.
    2017 - September, The Rev'd John H. Branson joins Christ Church as Interim Rector.
Christ Church Greenwich