Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care at Christ Church Greenwich provides spiritual support to people and their families who are facing illness, loss, or other stressful situations.

I was sick and you took care of me…
…just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.
Matthew 25:36, 40

The Book of Common Prayer states that “The ministers of the Church are lay persons [as well as], bishops, priests and deacons.” Prayer, listening, and sacraments ensure that no member of our parish family needs to face crises alone.

Do Good and Feel God!

Our pastoral care volunteers provide worship or visit with some 30-50 people per week. Our volunteers say their time with those in need are the most rewarding and spiritual experiences in their lives.

If you’re interested in getting involved with one of the following ministries, contact the Rev. Dr. Cheryl McFadden for more information.


Eucharistic Visits Are Back!

With Covid restrictions easing, our pastoral care volunteers are once again bringing Holy Communion to members of our parish family who cannot get to church.  It’s a privilege and a spirit-filled moment when we share a brief liturgy and the Body of Christ with someone who is isolated or frail. You don’t have to know the Bible or have any specific education to be a Eucharistic visitor. All that’s required is a willingness to extend our parish’s Eucharistic community to include the person being visited. Training is provided if you have an interest in connecting with people in our parish that we may not usually see, please contact the Rev. Dr. Cheryl McFadden, or Sarah Boyle,


Worship Leaders

A half-an-hour modified Morning Prayer service at River House Adult Day Center in Cos Cob is led every Wednesday at 11:00 am Service booklets are provided and leaders may supplement the prayers with singing, readings, and discussion. No experience or Biblical knowledge is necessary. You are encouraged to accompany a volunteer to see how it’s done. We are happy to bring a reminder of God’s love to this group of seniors. Flexible time commitment: each month you choose the Wednesdays you can serve. The service lasts about a half hour. Minimal preparation time needed.

We hope to resume a volunteer-led Sunday service at Nathaniel Witherell soon. This is the only Sunday service at Nathaniel Witherell and is well-attended by residents and their families. Training, including ECCT Safe Church training is required.


Caring Hands

Volunteers send birthday cards to parishioners over the age of 75, cards to say “thinking of you,” and cards for events such as a new baby or loss of a loved one. Volunteers buy their own cards and stamps. Flexible time commitment: 2-15 cards sent each month. We get many messages of gratitude from parishioners who are happily surprised and grateful that we remember them.


Homecoming Luncheons

Homecoming Luncheons are held twice a year for nursing home residents and longtime parishioners who enjoy a special celebration of Holy Eucharist, lunch and entertainment. Volunteers are needed to make casseroles, serve lunch, and visit with our guests.


Outreach Singers

Outreach Singers sing familiar hymns to homebound and nursing home residents.



Your weekly visits link my sweet mother to the body and soul of Christ through the sharing of elements, the reading of scripture, and the warmth of your kind embraces and warm smiles. Moms caregivers love your visits, as well!  Thank you so very much.


Having the honor of serving as a Eucharistic Visitor brings me back to the essence of being a Christian. We are all God’s children, from birth to death; it is a good thing that we visit and take care of one another while we inhabit this blessed earth together.


I am well aware of all the blessings that have brought me so much happiness over the years and place the Eucharistic Visitors way at the top of the list. I think of them as God’s cheerleaders and am very grateful to them for all the time and effort that’s they give so willingly, steadfastly and graciously to His service. And when we read together the part of the Confession of Sin that says, “We have not loved you with our whole heart; we have not loved our neighbors as ourselves,” I know that those words do not apply to the Eucharistic Visitors.