Stained Glass Windows
of Christ Church Greenwich

We are indebted to the Reverend Dr. M. George Thompson and the vestries of 1908–1912 whose leadership and good judgement gave us the heritage of this handsome building and it major windows. The research and spiritual inspiration written in each of the posts about our windows comes from generations of research and dedication to keeping these stories alive.

Special thanks to Lynne Smith, Bill Van Brunt, Lawrence J. Sterne, Karen Royce and Joanne Bouknight for their words and images we share here now.

Lynne Smith and Lawrence J. Sterne have dedicated an entire website to the making and stories behind our stained glass windows.  You can enjoy their site by clicking HERE.

Screen Shot 2021-06-27 at 4.55.05 PM
Soldier blessed by an Angel
Have you ever stopped to notice the stunning Roman Soldier being blessed by an Angel as you enter our main sanctuary. Enjoy the story of whose memory these two windows were given and the religious significance.