Many of us have had peak religious moments in nature when we encounter God’s cathedral in its widest sense, in surrounding landscapes or sunsets. The outdoors is indeed the handiwork of God. Climate change and global warming are now affecting all of creation.

The world is at risk. How can we, as Christians, become active stewards of the Earth as God has asked us to do?

Creation Care Committee

We invite all interested members of Christ Church to join the new Creation Care Committee. Our parish is striving to be proactive as compassionate, responsible Christians and stewards of the Earth. The Committee will collaborate to identify and act on how we can become more sustainable in our personal lives, on our campus, and to influence a greener Greenwich and beyond.

If you would like to be on the committee or for more information, please contact Karen Royce or Stewart Lindsay

Creation Care Campus Eco-Clean-up was a great success!

We identified and removed invasive plants, looked for good ideas to advance the environmental health of Christ Church, and enjoyed fellowship and time in nature.